Portfolio Projects

Speak Your Mind


Project Brands

1.) Speak Your Mind

- Lead Programmer (c#)

- Mechanics and Systems Designer

2.) Tobu

- Producer

- Level Designer

-Engine Tech

3.) Lich Buster

-Programmer (UE4 Visual Scripting)

-UI and Health System Designer

Project Description

1.) Speak Your Mind is a language learning simulator for the Oculus. The player starts the game in a farmers market, where they are given a list of food items. In order to beat the individual levels, the player must correctly place the food items into a basket.

2.) Tobu is an endless runner game for android devices. Tobu is a spirit born to the wishes and emotions of flight. To capture the liberating sensation that accompanies flying, the player experiences flight by guiding Tobu through an endless environment of both nature from the mortal realm and spirits in the spirit realm.

3.) Lich Buster is an action-adventure 2D platformer for the PC and Console. To win the game the player must use thier abilities and weapons to defeat hordes of enemies while platforming through a 3D environment.


Speak Your Mind

1.) Programmed system mechanics.

2.) Designed game mechanics and gameplay events.


1.) Producer: assigned tasks to team members within the scope of the game and made decisions for gameplay and testing changes.

2.) Designed and implemented the level layouts for the randomly generated obstacles.

3.) Produced the game in engine doing technical work and implementing assets.